About CMP120

Course Description:
An introduction to the theory and practice of computer programming with an emphasis on problem solving. No previous programming experience is required.

Required Texts and Materials:
“Learning Python, 5th Edition: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming” By Mark Lutz. O'Reilly Media, June 2013. ISBN-10: 1449355730
CodeCombat software

Optional Texts:
Python Standard Library
Python Tutorials
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Interactive Edition)
Dive Into Python
Google's Python Class

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Stephanie Rosenthal
Chatham University
Falk 116C
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In this class, we will use CodeCombat online software to challenge your programming skills on a weekly basis. In addition, we will have 5 assignments to stretch your skills outside of the game software. All assigned work is stated in the syllabus and will be posted on Moodle.





8/27: Introduction and Binary

8/29: Computational Thinking

8/31: Computational Thinking
Assignment 0 due

9/3: Labor Day (no class)

9/5: What is Python?

9/7: Basic Algorithms and Code

9/10: While-true Loops
CC levels due

9/12: Variables
CC levels due

9/14: Python Basics: Review
CC levels due

9/17: Conditionals: If
CC levels due

9/19: Conditionals: If-else
CC levels due

9/21: Conditionals: Nested
CC levels due

9/24: Practice
CC levels due

9/26: Debugging

9/28: Strings
Assignment 1 due

10/1: Arithmetic

10/3: Review

10/5: Midterm

10/8: Long Weekend (no class)

10/10: Functions
Assignment 2 due

10/12: Events (Midterm Grades Due)

10/15: Review Strings and Arithmetic
CC levels due

10/17: Classes and Properties
CC levels due

10/19: Properties, Variables, Functions
CC levels due

10/22: Classes and Functions
CC levels due

10/24: Practice
CC levels due

10/26: Practice

10/29: And/Or/Not
CC levels due

10/31: Debugging Boolean Logic

11/2: Loops
Assignment 3 due

11/5: Arrays

11/7: For Loops

11/9: Classes and Properties
CC levels due

11/12: Using Python packages

11/14: Files
CC levels due

11/16: Optimizing Algorithms

11/19: Work in Class
CC levels due

11/21: Thanksgiving
(no class)

11/23: Thanksgiving
(no class)

11/26: Stacks and Queues
Assignment 4 Midpoint

11/28: Dictionaries
CC levels due

11/30: Search

12/3: Sorting
CC levels due

12/5: Sorting

12/8: Final Review
Assignment 4 due

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Contact Details

Stephanie Rosenthal
Chatham University
Falk 116C
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