About DSA400W

Course Description:
Covers the different ways of visualizing data, given different types and characteristics of data. Includes assessment and evaluation of existing data visualization techniques. Current tools used transform data and visualize data are reviewed, including Python, Google Charts, and Tableau.

Required Texts and Materials:
Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals. Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. 2015.
Visual Display of Quantitative Information (2nd Edition). E. Tufte. Graphics Press, 2001.

Other Texts:
DATA + DESIGN: Simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information. https://infoactive.co/data-design/
Daily Readings available through Moodle

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Stephanie Rosenthal
Chatham University
Falk 116C
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In this class, we will have readings available on Moodle that we will discuss in class and three programming assignments. All submissions will be completed on Moodle.





8/27: Introduction

8/29: What is Visualization?

8/31: Value of Visualization
Reading due

9/3: Labor Day (no class)

9/5: Psychology of Perception
Reading due

9/7: Perception abilities
Assignment 1 out

9/10: Plots

9/12: Discussion
Reading due

9/14: Presentations
Assignment 1 due

9/17: Visualization Tools

9/19: Data Wrangling Tools

9/21: Analyzing Software Tools
Assignment 2 out

9/24: Representation
Reading due

9/26: Layout Possibilities
Reading due

9/28: Best Practices

10/1: Interactions
Reading due

10/3: Animations
Reading due

10/5: Presentations
Assignment 2 due

10/8: Long Weekend (no class)

10/10: Viz History
Reading due

10/12: Maps
Assignment 3 out

10/15: Text

10/17: Networks
Readings due

10/19: Midterm

10/22: HCI Principles
Reading due

10/24: Heuristic Evaluation
Reading due

10/26: Practice

10/29: Think Aloud/Cognitive Walkthrough

10/31: Affinity Diagrams and Speed Dating

11/2: Peer Review 1
Assignment 3 R1 due

11/5: Uncertainty
Reading due

11/7: Algorithms
Reading due

11/9: Practice

11/12: Portfolios

11/14: HTML and CSS

11/16: Peer Review 2
Assignment 3 R2 due

11/19: Work in Class

11/21: Thanksgiving
(no class)

11/23: Thanksgiving
(no class)

11/26: Ethics
Reading due

11/28: Non-Visual Features

11/30: Guest Speaker

12/3: Presentations

12/5: Presentations

12/8: Wrap Up
Assignment 3 due

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Contact Details

Stephanie Rosenthal
Chatham University
Falk 116C
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